No Consensus on What Canada Stands For

Canada is more divided and fractured today than ever before in it’s history. Time for #Canada and #Canadians to come together around a common creed and set of values. Canada can be the “TRUE NORTH STAR” for the world!


WhatsyourcanadaThe recent IPSOS poll which attempted to find “What Defines Canada”, found little or no consensus among Canadians.  I see this as both a problem and an opportunity.  Every country needs a commonly-held and deeply-felt set of shared values and beliefs which I call a creed statement.  Your creed is what you believe.  The IPSOS research found that Canadians are all over the map on what defines Canada.  We all agree celebrating Canada’s 150 is a good idea.  We think Canadian beer is among the best in the world.  But, very little of substance comes through in this research about what unifies or defines our beliefs.  Canada has a disproportionate number of great writers and poets who need to be engaged to help us see what our unique creed is.  I know Canada has a deeply-felt and unique creed, but no one has yet captured it on a single piece…

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