Building Movements NOT Brands

In business, in politics, in not-for-profits, brands are dead. Movements have replaced or will replace old school brands. Great example is the NFL (brand in decline) and E-Sports (growing movement).
The NFL brand is in long term decline while E-Sports are a growing movement. Brands are dying and being replaced by movements or causes driven by authentic passion and engagement.


Bup2p-2ilding brands is dead.  Building movements is what it’s all about today.  Bringing people together around “their authentic passion” is what inspires a movement.  So does impact and change.  The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation is extraordinarily grateful to the 250,000+ passionate donors who support our movement – To Conquer Cancer In Our Lifetime.  The PMCF are fortunate to have developed 4 of the top 30 peer-to-peer fundraising movements in Canada.  The link to the article is below.  The #1 peer-to-peer fundraising in Canada is the Ride to Conquer Cancer which we share with B.C., Alberta and Quebec.  It takes Passion Capital to build a movement and even more passion to sustain it over many years.  OneWalk to Conquer Cancer is going into its 15th year and the Ride just celebrated its 10th year with a record $20.5 million raised.  Brands are old news and old thinking. …

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