Run Your Business Like a Cause, and Your Cause Like a Business

“Run your cause like a business and your business like a cause”. True Passion for a cause or a business is the only path to sustainable success!


Golden RuleYesterday, I gave a keynote speech at the Companies & Causes conference in Toronto.  I led off my talk with what I view as the “golden rule” of Passion Capital.  Here it is: “Run your business like a cause, and run your cause like a business”.  I love the traditional definition of the golden rule “Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You”, but having spent 28 years as the CEO or GM of a private sector company, or a not-for-profit, I believe my golden rule truly “RULES”.  This is why it’s so valuable to have people with private sector experience working in the not-for-profit world and conversely, having people in the private sector with not-for-profit experience.  The best of both worlds awaits those who understand this new golden rule of Passion Capital.

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