A Farewell Tribute to Remember

It was 1 year ago that Emmanuelle Gattuso + Steve Bear and Princess Margaret supporters hosted an extraordinary tribute event as I stepped down from my CEO position after 14 years and $1.2 billion raised. Bobblehead Paul!!!


OnBobblehead Monday night, I was honoured when 250 of our best supporters of The Princess Margaret gathered for a retirement tribute for me.  It was one of the great nights of my life to be surrounded by leaders in the field of cancer care, research and philanthropy.  The speeches were from the heart and the three short videos captured the 14 years I have spent leading the PMCF brilliantly.  Here is a link to the videos if you want to have a look.  Also, the photo is of the Bobble Head Paul which was given as a gift to each one of the guests.  Celebrating the incredible spirit of generosity from our community which has led to us raising $1.215 billion in net fundraising with so many incredible supporters was both inspired and inspirational.  Special thanks to the Co-Chairs of the evening, Emmanuelle Gattuso and Steve Bear.  Also a very…

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