George Burns Got It Half Right!

I love the late comImageedian, George Burns, and I especially love his quote, “I would rather fail at something I love than succeed at something I hate”.  This is both funny and insightful, as many of George’s ad libs were.  George is half right, it IS better to work at something you love even if you are not succeeding. But with respect to George, he would have been right on if he would of said, “I would really like to succeed at something I love!”.  This is our highest and most important calling……to SUCCEED at something you LOVE to do! 

This is the essence of Passion Capital.  To take your Passion, put it to work, and SUCCEED at something you love to do is what our careers are all about.  There are two important parts of this directive- the first is about your Passion or WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO and the second is about SUCCEEDING AT IT!  Passion Successfully Applied = Passion Capital! Here’s to YOUR Passion and YOUR Success and YOUR Passion Capital.


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  1. We love ‘Passion Capital’ and are completely inspired by your work!
    We’d be honored to feature you on our ‘Think Together’ podcast and promote your book to our community.
    We can’t think of a more inspiring voice to endorse!
    Thank you for the consideration…..

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